positive education

What is it?

Positive education aims to encourage rather than punish the child. This does not mean that it is lax, but that it seeks a balance. This form of education is based on neuroscience studies and the natural learning laws of our brain. The child has no limits. Through the pleasure of play and exploration, positive education accentuates the development of children and their potential by cultivating their confidence and autonomy.

The benefits

In recent years, games with an educational purpose have made their appearance in school classrooms. Rightly so, since the construction toy is an integral part of positive education,
has many virtues
for the child.

  • A psychomotor awakening
  • A better spatial location
  • Development of the imagination
  • Social skill development during group play

In addition to highlighting the world’s architectural heritage(sorry), Kojo is a great educational tool for balanced development in young children.

In short...

As the little ones develop their motor skills, the older ones will become more creative and sharpen their knowledge of the particular architectures of our world! Playing with Kojo means acting and learning in a world to be built!

Kojo is also 100% French

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