Kojo guarantees its building sets for life and favors second hand

When we started to imagine Kojo, we wanted to design a product that would respect our values: sustainable. Sustainable in its manufacture: Kojo is produced with ecological and environmentally friendly materials (PEFC wood, recycled bioplastic, upcycled fabric) Sustainable in its production: Kojo is entirely produced in France by a network …

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What is an ecological toy?

An ecological toy is a toy that respects the environment and our beautiful blue planet throughout its existence, from its conception to its passage to the afterlife in toy heaven (they will join Pat, Samantha’s elephant cuddly toy who left too soon after an unfortunate washing machine accident, RIP). It …

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What is a positive education toy?

Positive education toy ? Why? The child is a formidable learning machine. For example, a child who has the opportunity to learn other languages before the age of 10 acquires them more easily and quickly than older children or adults. Creative toys help stimulate children’s creativity (who would have thought). …

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Kojo X FuturaMat interview

FuturaMat is a company that strives to develop innovative uses for renewable and natural resources. The circular economy is at the heart of the company’s policy. The production site located near Poitiers perfectly meets our need for local production, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. …

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