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About the plates

How are the plates made?

The plates, made in Rennes, are made of PEFC wood. All this for a supply and a wooden game 100% ecoresponsible. They come from a sustainably managed forest, which means that to put it simply, all the trees that are cut down to make wood are then replaced by new growth.  

All of this with the goal of preserving our beautiful forests. 

The PEFC title is a certification that attests to the sustainable management of forests, including a set of specifications that must be respected by the parties involved (owners, operators, etc.) for each stage, starting with the forest, then production and processing, and ending with the customer.

In summary: 

  • Do not harvest more than is produced in the forest
  • Consider natural regeneration or tree planting 
  • Conserve forests of high biological interest
  • Preserve large wooded areas
  • Protecting biological biodiversity
  • Prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals
  • Promote local work

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